Valfleuri, pasta creator

Creation and innovation are in our DNA. Custodian of a century-old know-how, we are constantly evolving in a changing world.

Our purpose is to offer generous, tasty and healthy pasta. This motivates us all the more as we have chosen to work with respect for the living, while preserving our environment.


Generous and tasty, the Alsatian pasta with 7 fresh eggs

Although it is a traditional recipe reserved for holidays, it was Frédéric Kuentz and his brother Denis who innovated in the 1960s, by manufacturing Alsatian Pasta industrially for the first time. Inspired by Abbé Buchinger’s 1671 recipe book, they fixed the recipe at 7 eggs, removing the water.

The popularity of the Pâtes d’Alsace has since grown little by little, until in 2005 it obtained European recognition with the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certification.

In 2006, the 3rd generation created the Nüdle on the advice and according to the experience of their father, who, being young, made these noodles in an artisanal way. These Nüdle faithfully reproducing the traditional method of production, have an excellent taste quality, comparable to fresh pasta made by hand. The range of Valfleuri old-fashioned Alsatian pasta was born, quickly supplemented by Sundig Spätzle, Knepfle, as well as a whole collection of fancy shapes, made with traditional bronze moulds.

Well-being and good living, with Valfleuri pasta

Living in harmony also means offering pasta that is good for us and our environment. So 2019 we developed 3 new ranges of organic pasta with fresh eggs, legumes and vegetables. Then 2020 we innovated in supermarkets, with the first range of 100% French durum wheat pasta from farms with High Environmental Value.

Also the commitment to our environment is not new. The cradle of Valfleuri being located in a small valley, we have always lived close to nature. 1999 we were certified by Ecocert and launched our first organic range of Alsace Pasta with 7 fresh eggs.

Likewise, we have always been keen to create good, healthy and nutritious pasta that we are proud to serve to our loved ones and our children. Ahead of our time, we launched the first egg pasta rich in Omega 3 in 1998. Vegetables, eggs, milk, quinoa Max Havelaar, we like to create generous recipes.


Pasta with the flavors and to the colors of nature

Building on our experience with the “La petite auberge” and “Terres lointaines” ranges, which we developed in 2000 with vegetables and spices, we have continued to innovate with Pat’atouilles, tricolor pasta very rich in vegetables, which have been on the market for more than ten years. In the same spirit, in 2019 we created the BIO Com’O jardin range, rich in vegetables, colors and flavors. While in 2018 we innovated with Tendr’épices, the first organic legume pasta cooked with spices and herbs. These specialties in the form of twists have been studied to maximize the nutritional and taste contribution of legumes and to overcome their disadvantages.


Playful and nutritious, pasta for children

All children love pasta. That’s why we’ve created pasta that’s practical, fun and nutritious. Small orange and green animals, rich in organic peas – carrots, quick-cooking organic mini pasta with fresh eggs, Alsatian pasta in Christmas figurines, here is our choice to discover in “Our products”.

Valfleuri pasta for children is a tradition that began in 1986 with the Smurfs, the first child-shaped pasta made with fresh eggs, followed by Animals of the World and “Taco-loco-moto”. Interest was renewed in the 2000s, with festive Alsatian Christmas and Easter pasta and Halloween pumpkin pasta, not to mention Dinosaurs with milk and fresh eggs. There are plenty of stories to tell on your plate!


Gourmet and generous sauces

Our Alsatian Pasta having a tasty taste of fresh eggs, they needed sauces specially designed for them. That’s why in 2016, drawing inspiration from our homemade recipes, we went behind the stove to create 3 tasty recipes for gourmet sauces, to be discovered in “Our products”. We wanted them to be cooked as naturally as possible, without preservatives or colorings. This is why for their manufacture, we have created a partnership of trust with a French SME committed to a quality approach.