Ethics & environment


Our daily concerns

30 years ago, we decided to embark on a transition to improve the way we make our pasta. We kept the recipe, but a lot of things changed behind the scenes…

  • 300 000fresh eggs every day

    It’s also 300,000 good reasons to choose free-range eggs!
  • 100%French wheat and eggs

    Cocorico ! The eggs and durum wheat used in our pasta come from French agriculture.
  • PME+for a more committed world

    Every day, we strive to protect animal welfare and the environment.

Our commitments for
animal welfare

A hen needs space, daylight, to walk with other hens, to scratch the ground to peck… Respecting its needs is respecting animal welfare. This is how, as a pioneer, Valfleuri has been using eggs from free-range hens since 2010. The hens are happy and our pasta is better!

« PME+ » certified

Aware of its responsibilities, Valfleuri has been committed for more than 20 years to a better world, working every day more for its employees, customers and animals, as well as for the preservation of the environment.

The “PME+” label received at the end of 2018 and the Alsace Excellence label are recognition of its CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.


Development of a virtuous mode of production

The Valfleuri company is continuing the efforts undertaken some twenty years ago to reduce its energy and water consumption. Today all waste is sorted to allow recycling in channels, its cardboard packaging is labelled FSC for reforestation, the thickness of the packaging films is reduced to a minimum…