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Tasty pasta, nutritious and healthy !

For nearly a century and 3 generations, the Valfleuri family business has been perpetuating tradition. Our passion and know-how are reflected in all our products.

At Valfleuri, quality, safety and innovation are core values. They are our driving force in offering you healthy, tasty food every day.

  • 7fresh free-range eggs

    Pâtes d’Alsace: A generous and naturally good recipe!
  • 1922date of creation

    In 100 years, we’ve improved our tools, our ingredients, our products… to always offer you the best.
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    We are committed to creating natural, healthy and delicious pasta.

Innovating to eat well

How about some pasta for a change? With its range of pasta with vegetables or legumes and spices, Valfleuri reinvents cooking by offering a gourmet, healthy and always tasty alternative!


Yum, organic !

Organic eggs, organic wheat, organic vegetables, legumes and spices: a whole palette of colors and flavors in the Valfleuri organic ranges.


The Valfleuri quality guarantee

Valfleuri, which has been committed to quality improvement for some thirty years, is also IFS certified, to guarantee its customers high-quality, safe and healthy products.

As for the quality of our products, we carefully select all our ingredients, which are traced and controlled in our laboratory by our quality technicians.

Avec ou sans oeufs ? Plutôt Bio ?
Traditionnelle ? Créative ?

Valfleuri vous propose plus de 40 pâtes différentes, disponibles sur notre boutique !

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